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Tok Tok Chiang is a full-service event management company based in Singapore. With a team of young, creative, dynamic & dedicated professionals, Our team pushes all areas of event management to new frontiers, including but not limited to Corporate Events, Festivals, Carnivals, Stage Performances, Themed Events, Educational Workshops, Cultural activities, and film production. 

In 2011, Nick Shen Weijun, a media personality and the winner of JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World, turned his passion for Chinese opera into a purpose and founded Tok Tok Chiang as a platform to reposition Chinese opera, refresh perspectives and renew interest in the audience through innovative cultural performances.

Tok Tok Chiang is widely recognised for our initiative in innovating ideas, creating unique experiences, and developing relationships that last. With our network of the best local talents who help you handle everything from concept to production, you know you are getting the best when you work with us.


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