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Nick Shen Weijun, founder of Tok Tok Chiang Opera, believes that Chinese Opera is more than just an art form. Recognising the importance of preserving and keeping this traditional performing art alive, Nick hopes to impart traditional values and beliefs through the stories portrayed in Chinese opera, to future generations.


In 2014, Nick established Tok Tok Chiang Opera, a non-profit entity, as a platform to promote cultural appreciation in Singapore. His dedication to Chinese opera has earned him the Junior Chamber International (JCI)’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World Honouree Award for Cultural Achievement in the same year. Nick made further efforts to revive and strengthen this vanishing art form by taking over the helm as the troupe owner of Lao Sai Tao Yuan, a 155-year-old Teochew Opera Troupe, in 2017.


Tok Tok Chiang Opera is taking the initiative to showcase the history and heritage of Singapore’s Chinese street opera, so as to promote this traditional art to the youths and the world in a bid to preserve its place in the heritage and culture of the ever-changing landscape of Singapore.

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