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At TokTokChiang, we provide a variety of Chinese Opera Workshops for Schools.


Chinese Opera Workshop 戏曲讲座会


Through the 1-1.5 hour of Chinese Opera Workshop, the students will learn about the following contents :

  • 不同籍贯 
    Different Dialect Groups

  • 新加坡戏班历史 
    History of Singapore Chinese Opera Troupe

  • 戏曲种类
    Different Types of Opera

  • 不同的脸谱
    Different types of Mask Paintings

  • 戏曲木偶
    Chinese Opera Puppets

  • 戏曲的一些动作
    Chinese Opera Skills & Movements


Chinese Opera Workshop

Chinese Opera Workshop

学生们学习如何走马鞭 Students learning how to use a horse whip. The character holds a riding whip with tassels to show he or she is on a horse. This is another example of the extensive use of symbols in Chinese Opera.

学生们学习如何耍水袖 Students get to learn “Shuixiu” known as the water sleeve movement. Its function is to express and exaggerate the actor’s moods.

A short video clip – The students are enjoying their Chinese Opera costumes, learning and participating in front of their cheering school friends.


Chinese Opera Puppet 戏曲木偶


In history, puppets & chinese opera are interrelated. The gestures of the chinese opera actor are directly inspired by the movements of puppets, and likewise that the very accentuated makeup of the actors is a survival of the painted heads of puppets. 


30 different types of chinese opera puppets



Si Chuan Mask Changing 四川变脸表演



In this magnificent art of mask-changing literally known as “Bian Lian”, the performer displays the ancient Sichuan opera art of changing faces with an ostentatious movement of the head, and a wave of the hand to skilfully reveal the different face masks again and again in magically quick succession. The painted masks of different facial expressions and their colours reflect a character’s mood – red representing anger and black extreme fury.

A short video clip – An ancient Mask-Changing Performance in the presence of an enthusiastic and excited young audience.


Chinese Mask Painting 画脸谱


The students learn and participate in the mask painting activity. 


The activity is guided by a professional mask painting teacher.


The Visual Art of Magic 魔术表演



Magic is a craft which focus on the flexibility and quick responses of the performer. Successful magicians are able to arouse and capture the audience’s curiosity and excitement . They are able to create spellbinding visual illusions far beyond our imaginations, engaging our senses in the extraordinary experience of a magical and enchanting fantasy.


Here are some of the schools we have recently worked with:


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