Latest Projects

Nick was awarded the Honouree Award for Cultural Achievement for the 2014 JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World Singapore.

Nick collaborated with the Ministry of Education to create a Chinese Opera documentary and materials for the 2014 Chinese Language textbook for Secondary 4 students. The research and materials gathered from local Opera troupes allowed students to understand Chinese Opera and their Chinese heritage.
Nick was invited by the Singapore Kindness Movement to be their 2014 Ambassador to reach out to youths in schools to educate them on values of kindness and courtesy through Chinese Opera performances with relevant storylines.

Currently, Nick is working with African Care Centre Singapore to train the African children to perform Chinese opera for a Charity performance to raise funds for school in Africa in August 2014 and upcoming projects in 2015.

Nick is also working with youths from National Trade Union Congress nEbO to put together a Chinese opera performance for Old Folks’ Homes is ideal. He gets to nurture the young ones and also engage the older folks.