Tok Tok Chiang

Tok Tok Chiang specialises in planning, conceptualising and delivering Chinese Opera performances, cultural events and workshops. To date, Tok Tok Chiang has performed and organised events for various charity organisations, government agencies and private corporations in Singapore as well as on an international scale. Through innovative performances, Tok Tok Chiang aims to reconnect youths with their cultural roots and instil moral values through educational platforms.


Tok Tok Chiang’s Creative Director, Nick Shen, recognised the importance to preserve and promote the traditional arts of Chinese opera in Singapore, and with such aspiration, Nick took over Lao Sai Tao Yuan Teochew Opera Troupe, one of Singapore’s oldest Chinese Opera troupe founded in 1864. Turning his passion into purpose, Nick became the troupe’s next-generation Troupe Owner in 2017 and represented the troupe to Toyama, Japan, where he performed Chinese opera as part of a Cultural Exchange Programme.


Nick’s vision for Tok Tok Chiang and Lao Sai Tao Yuan is to engage, educate and inspire people locally and globally, especially for the next generation, to appreciate the values behind this traditional performing art.