About Tok Tok Chiang

Tok Tok Chiang is a Singapore-based company specialising in Chinese Opera and cultural events and workshops. Driven by his passion for Chinese Opera, Nick Shen founded Tok Tok Chiang in 2010. To date, Tok Tok Chiang has not only performed for various local charity, government and corporate organisations but also performed on the international stage in countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brunei, Indonesia and Vietnam.

With refreshing elements such as magic tricks and bilingual performances, Tok Tok Chiang remains relevant by reaching out to people of different races in the racially diverse Singapore. Through our innovative performances, Tok Tok Chiang is able to reconnect youth with their cultural roots and keep the dying art of Chinese Opera alive. Tok Tok Chiang also believes in using the arts as an educational platform and plans performances that allow young people to take away valuable moral lessons.

With many projects in our portfolio, Tok Tok Chiang possesses skills and experience to put up a successful event for our clients.